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Ningbo Oulai Building Hardware Co., Ltd. is a building […]

Ningbo Oulai Building Hardware Co., Ltd. is a building hardware manufacturer. Now I will briefly introduce what you should pay attention to for window hinges.
Keep the metal parts dry: The dryness here is not only about the presence of water, so that there will be water droplets on the window hinges when it rains, but also to prevent the metal parts of the hinges from being exposed to humid air.
Ensure that the pulleys are lubricated: Check regularly or when opening and closing the windows at ordinary times, pay attention to whether the windows are pulled smoothly and there is no abnormal noise. If a similar situation is found, it is best to add some lubricant for maintenance.
Avoid chemical contact: If you find that there is dirt on the hinge that cannot be cleaned by ordinary wiping methods, do not use chemical or natural cleaning to wipe it lightly, which may cause corrosion to the hinge and cause more serious consequences. At this time, you can try to wipe with a little kerosene, if not, consult more professional personnel or after-sales personnel.
If there is an abnormality, handle it in time: If you find any signs of loosening of the hinge, it is best to use tools to adjust it in time. Try to deal with the problem in the early stage, so as not to cause more damage. Try not to leave the cabinet door open for a long time. Avoid pulling hard during transportation and damaging the hardware at the furniture joint.
Prevent damage to the electroplated layer: In daily use, try to prevent other hard objects from impacting the electroplated layer of the hinge and cause damage to the electroplated layer.
Avoid being in a tight state for a long time: Just like a rubber band, if the rubber band is kept in a tight state for a long time, it will cause a certain degree of damage to its elasticity and itself. Therefore, the same is true for hinges and should be used reasonably.
If it is serious, please contact the maintenance personnel: when you find that the hinge has been deformed or severely rusted, it is best not to handle it yourself. It should be replaced by professional maintenance personnel to avoid greater losses.
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