Window Hardware China Development History


The development of window hardware China accessories is […]

The development of window hardware China accessories is closely related to the evolution of window types and window opening methods. The motivation of this evolution is people’s awareness of window functions and consideration of the ease of use of windows. It takes a lot of work to accurately describe the development history of windows. Here we can only rationally speculate on the development process of windows driven by human needs. When the use of glass by humans is not yet widespread, windows are used for lighting and for people to look into the distance or look at the outside world.

Window accessories include shafts or hinges that enable the window to be opened and devices such as latches that close the window. In order to improve the wind resistance of the window, people open the window widely. However, the hinges of the external opening windows must be exposed, and the weather resistance of the hinges becomes a problem. Now in some old European buildings over a century old, metal hinges 10 times larger than ordinary hinges can be seen. This kind of large hinge is also in harmony with ancient European architecture in style. Another problem of opening windows outside is to prevent the open window sash from moving freely and violently under the action of the wind, so there are so-called stoppers, and stoppers are accessories that are prone to failure in many ways.

The window type of modern glass curtain wall building is related to the fixing method of the window frame on the curtain wall. As the glass curtain wall has high requirements for air tightness, water tightness and wind resistance, the accessories of the curtain wall and windows are developed relatively independently according to the needs.
The windows of modern buildings are no longer limited to the level within human hands. Starting from the requirements of ventilation and heat removal, the height of the window is an important factor in determining the efficiency of ventilation and heat removal, so people invented various window openers.

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