The Development And Competition Of Sliding Lock Industry


In recent years, the development of the lock industry h […]

In recent years, the development of the lock industry has encountered many challenges, but with the joint efforts of the entire industry, the development of the lock industry has been smooth sailing. Throughout the entire lock industry, the introduction of measures to expand domestic demand eased part of the pressure caused by the financial crisis, and the domestic sales of door and window locks are on the rise. All in all, the development trend of door and window locks has been promising in recent years. With the increase in home furnishings, door locks, sliding lock, handle locks, anti-theft locks and hinges, door stoppers and other products are trending better, with larger transactions; chain locks, motorcycle padlocks and disc locks are also popular Consumers love it and sales are impressive. In terms of export sales, foreign businessmen focus on inquiries and return orders, with a strong wait-and-see atmosphere.

However, door and window locks also have certain problems. These problems also need to attract the attention of door and window lock companies, and continuously upgrade the door and window lock industry to unprecedented heights.

General lack of brand awareness. China’s lock companies are small in scale, and there are not many leading companies in locks, which cannot promote the development of the lock industry. China’s locks have a low entry barrier. The lock companies themselves lack brand awareness and do not pay attention to brand establishment. Some companies just Family workshop style, capital, manpower, technology, management and other factors restrict its development, and lack of brand awareness. Lock companies should strengthen brand building, enhance the competitiveness of lock companies, and standardize the lock market.

The fiercely competitive market lacks standardization. At present, about 88% of the wooden door lock products in the market come from Zhejiang Province. Among them, Yiwu accounts for about 28%, and the proportion of factory direct sales is as high as 70.5%. The main products are low-end lock products, and high-end products are scarce. . As the lock industry is a labor-intensive industry, the entry barrier is low, the degree of specialization is not high, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. According to Jiuzheng Building Materials Network, the market for lock products lacks standardization when the threshold is low. The homogeneity of some products is serious, the products have no characteristics, and the authenticity is difficult to distinguish. The increase in the cost of raw materials, some lock companies have adopted price wars, increased disorderly competition in the lock market, and aggravated the development of the lock industry.

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