Why Your Window Isn’t Closing Properly?


  Windows that are not closed properly can cause monthl […]

  Windows that are not closed properly can cause monthly heating bills to rise or increase significantly. The small air currents passing through these cracks can cause your house to be too cold to be comfortable. With the changing of the seasons and the arrival of cold weather, it is essential to keep windows closed and tightly sealed throughout the winter.


  Why is it important to fix windows that cannot be closed as quickly as possible


  If your windows fail to close properly, the interior of your house is vulnerable to outside winds during the fall and winter months. This can make your life situation quite uncomfortable, especially when the weather gets cold and deprives your living area of ​​important heat and energy efficiency.


  Even if your draft is as thin as paper, the loss of insulation material will cause huge losses to your heating system:


  When the weather drops below zero, you will find yourself relying more on heaters to make up for the loss of natural insulation.


  You can pay higher energy bills throughout the winter due to airflow caused by window failures.


  The most dangerous consequence of a window that cannot be closed is how it makes your home vulnerable to break-ins. If the window is on the ground, passers-by may notice this problem.


  Thieves usually know how to find loose or easily accessible windows. After all, if a window cannot be closed completely, it is likely that it cannot be locked. Someone might lift the window from the outside as easily as from the inside. Knowing this, an intruder may target your home to steal, or even worse.


  1. Multiple layers of paint on windows


  When old windows fail to close properly, one of the most likely culprits is paint. If you paint the door frame and door frame many times over the years, these multiple layers of paint will inevitably increase the thickness of the frame parts. Since the frame is designed to fit snugly to its corresponding slot, the added paint layer may destroy the integrity of the original fit.


  Even if the window has only one or two layers added to the original coating, there may still be some spots that may cause sticking. For example, the outer coating may look good on the outside, but there may be hardened dripping water in some hard-to-see places, causing the window to stick when closed.


  If you leave it in a fixed position for a long time during several warm and cold season cycles, over-painted windows may also get stuck. In older houses, you sometimes see windows that look and feel as if they are painted closed. In fact, the influence of moisture causes the underlying wood to expand and shrink too many times.


  Another problem related to paint is cracks, which can hinder the movement of windows. If these cracks become ruptured, they may hinder the up and down movement of the door frame or the closed assembly of the lower window frame.


  2. Need to clean the window track


  When it comes to stuck windows, the easiest problem to solve is a set of dirty tracks. If the track is covered with mud and sticky material, this will prevent you from moving when raising and lowering the windows. When you open the window in summer, dirt may enter the track. Although it usually happens in a slow and subtle way, the wind blows dust particles into the air and causes dust elements to deposit and stick to the window track.


  Even more disturbing is the accumulation of viscous material, which is formed by the following mixture:








  Other foreign elements


  As garbage accumulates in the window track, when you move the window up and down, it may cause the window to get stuck at certain points.


  In some cases, dirt in the window track may be more troublesome than usual, especially if you are not paying attention to this area. For example, if you clean the track for the first time in three years, you may be surprised to find the presence of leaves, branches, pebbles or small debris.


  For obvious reasons, when the track is blocked, the windows will not open or close properly. During the months when you open the windows to let the outside breeze blow, you must clean the tracks regularly.


  3. The pulley on the window is broken


  If your windows are equipped with wheels, they need to be intact in order for the windows to open and close properly. Broken pulleys are a common problem in old houses and apartments.


  When the pulley is damaged, the window may feel much heavier than usual when you try to open it to any given height. The moment you release the window, it may not be able to hold. Whether the window slides back slowly or falls with a bang, you can face a dangerous situation, especially if the window is two or more floors above the ground.


  Due to the influence of time and elements, the pulley may wear out for many years. Metal pulleys will rust and lose their ability to rotate smoothly and evenly. If the rope breaks, your window will lack the support needed to move up and down the track correctly.

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