How To Replace Window Handles?


  Introduction     Over time, window handles tend […]



  Over time, window handles tend to deteriorate. Today we will take a look at how to replace these. This operation is necessary when we realize that it is difficult to move the handle, or because it damages the internal mechanism or you need to replace the furniture to make the entire apartment unique. To do this, you don’t have to have a great craftsmanship.






  New handle


  First, you need a screwdriver that fits the screw head on the board. After you have the necessary equipment, you must unscrew the screws that secure the handle. This operation must be performed very gently to prevent small parts from falling off the mechanism. After completing this operation, you must remove the handle from the fixing pin, and by removing the panel from the seat, it will be completed with the template. If necessary, the internal mechanism can be disassembled. It is recommended to perform this operation only when the internal mechanism is damaged. After reaching here, you can change the handle of the window.


  I want to remind you that the handle should be selected according to the type of closing mechanism. At this time, we must lubricate the pinion that constitutes the new handle mechanism. You need two to three square centimeters of lubricant. To perform these operations, gloves must be used. This is necessary to avoid getting dirty when using grease.


  Once the grease is distributed on the gears of the new handle, it needs to be inserted to check the length of the square. Then it must adapt to the thickness of the frame. Be very careful when inserting the two irons of the window into the two holes of the handle, as this is a delicate situation that requires a certain amount of patience. In order to ensure that the two holes of the handle are completely close to the two window irons, the handle must be moved until the joint between the hole and the window iron is determined. The last thing left is to tighten the screws that fix the handle on the window, using a screwdriver. After arriving here, you will install a new handle on the window. Ensure the stability of the handle through the controls, and then you must check the sturdiness of the handle.


  Through the third and final step, we have summarized a guide on how to replace window handles.

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