How To Keep Door And Window Hinges Lubricated?


  Depending on the closing system and the material from […]

  Depending on the closing system and the material from which the doors and windows are made, the opening and closing mechanisms of the doors and windows (usually called door hinges or guide rails) can be very different.

  In addition to classic hinges (which can have different shapes and structures in turn), there are also casement window hinges, sliding rails and sliding rail kits for ceilings or floors (sliding doors and windows, folding doors), various types of hinges and styles (Butt hinge, pivot hinge, etc.).

  Why do door and window hinges get stuck?

  The continuous use of the same doors and windows and the effects of humidity, frost, smoke, or the simple production of greasy steam during cooking lead to slow and continuous degradation of its mechanical system, followed by failure, resulting in squeaks and difficulty closing.

  In the most severe case, you may not be able to open/close the door or window because the hinge (rotating or sliding) is damaged by the above factors.

  Although all these factors are almost inevitable, sometimes we add more problems by adding grease (whether oily or paste). These usually attract dust and mix with moisture in the air to form a kind of "sludge", which not only no longer has any lubricating effect, but also interferes with necessary movement.


  So how do you lubricate the door hinge?


  If you encounter such a problem, it is best to take action in two stages:


  Thoroughly clean the opening and sliding system;


  Use an appropriate lubricant, which can also be used as a protective element to prevent such degradation.


  The first stage


  It is best to use Multi-Use in the first stage. It can clean and prevent the formation of rust and corrosion, penetrate the parts in contact, lubricate the clogged parts, and eliminate and protect any surface from moisture. It can also remove any oil stains.


  second stage


  In the second stage, you can use a professional anti-friction dry lubricant. The product contains polytetrafluoroethylene, which can leave a dry film on the hinge, which can achieve better lubrication without attracting dust, dirt and grease. It dries quickly and is compatible with all metals, plastics and glass. It can withstand temperatures from -45°C to +260°C.


  It is best to use high-performance silicone lubricants on the opening and sliding systems of garage door rails and PVC windows: it repels dust and dirt, and has excellent lubricating properties to ensure perfect movement of components. It can withstand temperatures from -35°C to +200°C and is also very effective in extending the life of rubber parts, isolating them from moisture after rapid drying. Its formula is compatible with all metals, plastics, rubber and wood.

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