What's The Importance Of Sliding Lock For Sliding Glass Doors


  Sliding glass doors can make beautiful and practical […]

  Sliding glass doors can make beautiful and practical designs, but they may also bring unique safety risks. The slider has weak points different from traditional wooden or steel doors. Many homeowners are aware of the risks associated with sliding doors and may avoid installing them on their homes. However, you can take some relatively simple steps to ensure the safety of the slider unit. The first step is to determine the weakness of the sliding glass door system.

  The first step is to determine the weakness of the sliding glass door system. Then, we will introduce options for enhancing the slider. We also provide information about installing new locks or replacing existing lock hardware, and which type of lock is best for securing these doors.

  How the intruder enters through the sliding door

  For sliding glass doors, anti-theft can be entered in three main ways: anti-theft thin lock mechanism, breaking the glass or lifting the door off the track, which is also called "Jimmy". For most models, it is easy to separate the door from the frame and then loosen the bracket. The best way to prevent intrusion is to use specially developed advanced locking technologies to solve all potential security issues. These technologies are specifically used to strengthen sliding glass doors and deter intruders.

  Can the sliding door be safely locked?

  Standard factory locks installed on sliding glass doors are usually not of the highest quality. On some doors with vinyl frames, the fastener and bolt mechanism cannot even pass through a strong wooden or metal frame to provide adequate security. The locksmith can help determine whether it provides an adequate level of security. The lock may require additional reinforcement or replacement.

  Reinforced sliding glass door

  Some hardware can be added to the sliding door to make it more difficult to force open. You can find a Jimmy plate in most hardware stores. This is a flat metal plate installed on the sliding door frame. The plate is used to block the door and prevent thieves from prying the door and moving the door from its position on the frame.

  Add a sliding lock

  If you can’t replace it or don’t want to replace it, you can still install an sliding lock to increase security. Most auxiliary sliding glass door locks are installed on the rear edge of the slider or on the top rail along the frame or track. Please check your local building codes before installing additional locks. Some require sliding glass doors to be operated from the inside without a key.

  Replace the original lock

  Many homeowners eventually decide to replace the original lock on the door to provide better protection. Due to the unique features of the sliding door, it is best to install professionally to ensure that the lock works as expected. It is also a good idea to consult with an experienced locksmith about the best type of residential lock for your sliding glass door style.

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