How Do We Choose Door Handles


We will introduce how to make the right purchase decisi […]

We will introduce how to make the right purchase decision for different types of products. Living in a barrier-free environment, the Internet at your fingertips is convenient and amazing, but remote shopping will bring many challenges. First, learn how to choose a door handle

  Questions to ask yourself before buying a door handle:

  What is the door (or overall) style?

  How do my existing decorations match this piece?

  What is my budget?

  What is the handle size required for the door, cabinet, wall, etc.? Scale is important!

  What is the installation process like?

  What requirements do I need (privacy door handles and passages, dummy, etc.)?

  Below is a list of things to check/consider when you buy door handles online (or in person).

  Consider weight. Just by looking at the photo of the door handle, you can determine whether it looks "cheap" once installed. A heavier weight is usually a good sign of a good quality product, and the appearance of the product is good regardless of the price.

  Please place an order before placing an order. Trust me-this step is worth it. Seeing that the surface finish is the key, the extra time and a small amount of transportation cost is 100% worth it.

  Read the comments. I am one of the people who read the reviews, but please note that not all reviews are the same. Some people have higher standards, while others have lower standards. This is a difficult decision. In any case, reviews can help you make a purchase decision! Many good reviews illustrate a great product. If someone takes the time to post photos of the actual product, this is always a reward.

  Check the materials. Using the door handle, you can easily distinguish between high-quality materials and bad materials. For example, metal, glass, wood and leather are good materials. At the other end of the spectrum, avoid plastic, hollow, and painted products. Product pictures may be deceptive, please check the specifications!

  Measure the size every time. Even I was a victim...I bought the product impulsively without checking the size, and finally arrived in the mail. I opened it excitedly, but found that it was too big or too small. Every time I buy decorative items online, you better trust me to pull out the tape measure and check the parts in person. Very important!

  Shop around. You will be surprised that the same door handle can be sold to different door handle manufacturer at so many prices. Google the name or model number and find the best deal. Some people don't like to spend time (that's okay), but I like to spend less money.

  Shopping outside the box. In addition to shopping around, also check unexpected resources.

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