How To Remove Pivot Lock Shoes From Tilt And Turn Windows


  This article will explain how to remove the pivot loc […]

  This article will explain how to remove the pivot lock seat from the tilt and turn window. In our example, our sliding shoe has been connected to a spiral spring balance, but the process is suitable for tilting spiral balances, tilting pulley and pulley balances, and any other pivot locking shoes. Keep reading to learn the method.



The first step in removing the pivot lock seat is to remove the sash from the window. To do this, raise the sash by a few inches and then tilt the sash inward. Next, you will fix one side of the window sash while pulling up the other side. This will release the sash from the window.



Next, you must delete the balance system. The procedure will be different for each type of balance system, so please refer to this guide when removing the balance. For spiral spring scales, the process will be similar to removing the shoe itself.


  Remove tilted spiral balance


  Pre-cut out In many cases, there is already a cut on the top of the door frame of the window, and the shoes can be removed. The cut is usually blocked by a window sash. Remove the sash stopper to expose the cut. Next, slide the shoe to the cut, and then pick up a flat-head screwdriver or some other flat object under the shoe. Then, pry the shoe out of the gap. It may take a little force to make it pop.


  Not cut out If your window does not have a cutout, you must make one yourself.


  After removing the shoes, you can install new shoes! Just reverse the process of installing new shoes.

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