Easy To Get The Aluminum Window Handle That Is Easy To Loose


The handles for alu window are common parts in our live […]

The handles for alu window are common parts in our lives. The handles of aluminum alloy doors and windows can lock the doors and windows and are generally very strong. However, after a long period of use and wind and sun, the handles fixed by screws are likely to become loose. This is a problem that occurs in many homes. Some families find that they will hire a dedicated installer to repair it, while others think it is irrelevant or troublesome. But Red Oak doors and windows tell you that if the handle is loose, it will not only affect the function of closing doors and windows, but also have certain safety risks. Next, I will teach you a simple trick to easily repair loose door and window handles at home.

The main reason for the loose handle

  1. The screws on the fixed base are stressed for a long time and are loose
  2. The length of the screws on the fixed base is not enough

The solution is as follows:

  1. First find the position of the fixing screw, tighten the screw with a tool
  2. If the screw tightening effect is not good, it is because the original screw is not long enough. The solution is to choose to re-fix the base on the outer side of the glass with a 4.2*48mm long screw.

Scope of application

This method is suitable for all handles fixed with screws, including aluminum alloy, plastic steel, wood doors and windows.

It is worth noting that it is not recommended to use long screws to fix the inside near the glass, because the inside may hit the glass and cause the glass to break.

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