Door Handle Manufacturer Tells You How to Choose the Right Door Pull Handles for your Home


The front entry provides the first impression of your h […]

The front entry provides the first impression of your home, and as such, deserves special consideration. The front door is the major part of the front entry with the door handles necessary to complete the picture. Consequently, the choice of front entry door hardware takes on a greater level importance.

The last couple of years have seen a trend towards decorative and stylish Pull Handles. It has become evident that Door Handles are no longer just functional pieces of hardware. They have become "Jewellery for Doors" or "Door Jewellery", and as such require careful research to select the right piece.

So how do you select the right Door Jewellery for your front entry? This is such a subjective topic and is extremely difficult to answer. Especially, in a way that avoids being so generic that the answer is completely useless. Rather than attempt to answer this in one session, I will break this down into a number of aspects (as listed below).
In order to make the right first impression, we should consider a number of aspects.

Height of door
Width of Door
Colour of Door
Style of Door
Usage of Door
Age of Home
Style of Home
Intended Impression
Personal Preference

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