How To Use Tilt And Turn Windows


Discussed here are tilt and turn windows, mainly from t […]

Discussed here are tilt and turn windows, mainly from two aspects of how to use them and what advantages they have.
The window handle allows the window to turn in a specific direction. To open the window horizontally or tilted, you rotate the handle and then pull the window toward you. To lock the window, turn the handle 180 degrees until it faces down. You will feel the locking mechanism click, which means it is locked.
Benefits of tilting and turning windows
Tilt and flip windows have become the standard in European homes for a reason: they are easy to use and provide homeowners with various benefits, such as increased ventilation, safety and energy efficiency.
Compared to double-hung windows (in which two movable panels slide along the pane), tilting and rotating windows allow more airflow when opened.
When switched to the locked position, the locking mechanism (some tilt and turn windows have eight locks!) provides security and peace of mind.
In addition, the weather sealing of tilted and turned windows prevents water and air from infiltrating, which may be a common problem with some single-hung windows and double-hung windows. The reduction in heat loss and gain can help your budget increase substantially.
The US Department of Energy estimates that up to 30% of a home’s energy use can come from heat losses and gains, so tilting the efficiency and opening the windows can help you save on your utility bill. In the long run, this is an ideal choice.

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