Various Door And Window Hardware


Window hardware is a general term. In fact, there are m […]

Window hardware is a general term. In fact, there are many kinds of door and window hardware, such as handle, support, hinge, door stopper, door closer, handle, latch, window hook, hinge, anti-theft chain, induction opening and closing door Devices, etc., among which the more commonly used hardware accessories are as follows:
1. Hinge
Its materials are iron, copper and stainless steel. It is one of the necessary hardware parts for doors and windows.
2. Hinge
The hinges are divided into clear hinges and concealed hinges, and bright hinges are often used on doors and windows.
3. Orbit
Push-pull doors and windows need to install door and window slide rails, often equipped with ball bearings, so that the doors and windows can be pushed and pulled.
4. Door stopper
The door stopper is a hardware accessory installed behind the door to prevent the door from closing automatically due to wind blowing.
5. Door closer
The door closer can ensure that the door is closed to the initial position accurately and in time after it is opened. It is a hydraulic device that can automatically close or fix the opened door leaf in a certain position. The types include floor springs, door top springs, and doors. Slingshot, magnetic door suction head, etc.
Different hardware has different functions, but they all exist to make doors and windows more powerful, and to make it more convenient for people to use doors and windows.
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