How To Choose The Right Door And Window Accessories


We are a manufacturer about window hardware China whose […]

We are a manufacturer about window hardware China whose main products are door and window accessories. How to choose the right door and window accessories? We think we need to judge from the following three aspects.
Hardware accessories are an important part of aluminum alloy doors and windows, which are vulnerable parts. If they are damaged, maintenance and replacement will not only affect the daily use of doors and windows, but also increase the cost of doors and windows. Therefore, when you buy doors and windows, you must Pay attention to the quality and details of hardware accessories. The composition of hardware accessories of aluminum alloy doors and windows will vary according to different door and window types and specific product designs, but they can be roughly divided into three parts. You can also judge based on these three major aspects when you buy doors and windows.
The first part is the operating part. Operating parts, as the name suggests, are used as door and window switches, such as door and window handles. The specific components of the handle components of different brands will be different. The high-quality handles are anti-corrosive and anti-rust, with meticulous craftsmanship, smooth surface, flexible use, and comfortable grip.
The second part is the locking part. The locking parts include lock points, lock catches and other parts, which are closely connected with the airtightness of doors and windows. The lock points and lock seats are distributed around the doors and windows. After the doors and windows are closed, a strong airtightness is produced, which greatly improves the sound insulation, air tightness, and heat insulation properties of aluminum alloy doors and windows.
The third part is to connect load-bearing parts, mainly hinges, sliding supports, pulleys, etc. Connecting load-bearing components is related to the safety and service life of doors and windows. Hinge is an important part to realize the rotation and load-bearing of doors and windows. High-quality hinges have high strength, strong load-bearing capacity, and convenient and flexible use. If the doors and windows are equipped with inferior hinges, safety problems such as crashes will occur in the face of severe weather such as heavy storms and rain. The sliding support connects the window sash and the window frame, allowing the window to open and close the link type activities. For external casement windows, specific requirements such as the height, width and weight of the sash should be considered, and sliding supports of the corresponding load-bearing level should be selected.
In addition, you can also observe the appearance of the hardware accessories, whether the surface is smooth, whether there are scratches, etc. If you are interested in our products, welcome to consult and contact us, we can provide you with a complete accessory solution.

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