Window Handle Manufacturer Accounts the Importance of Window Hardware Finishes


When people consider window replacement, their first co […]

When people consider window replacement, their first considerations are always the window type, the glass pane, and the window frame. These are the primary elements of a window and are always top priorities when discussing choices. The hardware finishes, however, are usually overlooked, and the choice is either the default style or the decision is left to the contractor. This is unfortunate because hardware finishes play an important role in the overall design aesthetic of your home.

Window Hardware Finishes are Important Too!

A hardware finish from companies that offer window replacement in Seattle is available in various metal finishes, such as:


Most of these finishes are forged using solid brass, which is known to last for a very long time. Each types of finish is usually available on all styles of windows.

Some metal hardware finishes are protected using a special coating to reduce, if not eliminate, the chances of tarnishing and corrosion. Bronze is especially favored because of the patina that beautifully transforms over time, earning it the term “living finish”.

The hardware is available in different types, such a T-handles, folding operator handles, and more.

You can match the hardware finish with the color of your window frame or grilles. Hardware finishes can complement the design of a room and enhance its overall beauty. You can choose a different finish for every room. You call the shots and design as you please.

While hardware finishes are excellently crafted to look great to boost the appearance, they also are designed for function, working seamlessly with windows for easy operation. They are almost always durable and are safe for everyday use.

If you are getting casement, gliding, or bay windows in Seattle, do not hesitate to check your options for the hardware finish. A trusted window installer should be able to tell you the best finish to match the architectural style of a particular room.

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