Which Sliding Lock To Choose To Feel Secure At Home?


  Although they have not received as much attention as […]

  Although they have not received as much attention as the front door of a house, sliding doors are a safe passage to the home. Most homeowners admit that there are more entrances or exits using sliding doors than front doors.


  However, compared with most front doors, the safety of sliding doors is negatively affected. This is mainly because most manufacturers do not pay attention to safety when constructing sliding doors. This article will guide you to use the safest sliding door lock on the market and how to make the sliding door safe.


  Types of sliding door locks


  If you are most concerned about the safety of your house, then the best starting point is to understand the different types of glass sliding door locks. Locks are considered to be the most vulnerable place for thieves in sliding glass doors.

  If you want to replace an insecure sliding glass door lock, you can use the following options.

  Two bolt sliding door lock

  Two-bolt sliding door locks are usually sold in most online markets and well-known hardware stores across the country. They are commercial grade locks, so you can reliably upgrade the security of your house.

  They are easy to install at any height on sliding doors, which means they can be used to supplement already installed locks without having to replace them completely.

  The double latch system secures the door by sliding a reinforced steel bolt into the door frame and snapping it into the locked position. A door lock with two bolts is an excellent way to increase the security level of your house.


  Smart lock for sliding glass door


  As technology continues to innovate other areas of the economy, so does the same in home security. The new smart lock technology has found a home among some sliding door lock manufacturers. Although there are only a few smart sliding door locks currently on the market, they are rapidly gaining popularity.

  For example, Padiolock is one of the keyless lock options available to customers in online stores. The lock can be activated from inside the house as well as from outside the house.

  Because these locks are tamper-proof, they now provide users with options to enhance their security, which was previously thought to be impossible. For example, if someone tries to unlock it without your knowledge, the lock can notify you.

  In addition, homeowners claim that because the lock is easy to unlock, the lock allows them to keep the door locked more often. Their ease of use may also be an advantage in emergency situations such as fires, which may require people to leave the building quickly. In these situations, traditional locks that have to key in a password may pose significant risks.

  You have most likely heard of or even used a smart garage lock or smart electronic lock. Like these locks, smart sliding door locks are intuitive, safe and convenient for users. Thanks to these locks, you and your family can now enter the security code through their gadget to access your house.

  You can also create temporary codes for friends, staff or dogs who want to enter the house. If the smart lock believes that the family access password has been compromised, it can also provide its administrator with the function of switching to another password.


  Sliding lock lever


  In addition to investing in high-end door locks to protect your house, you can also install sliding lock levers. The sliding lock lever can be made of a variety of materials, including wood, steel and iron.

  I recommend using steel bars because it is more difficult to break than most other materials and can be effectively designed to match the style of glass sliding doors.

  It is recommended to invest in a sliding lock door and keep it closed even if the latch is not in good condition. The sliding lock lever is usually installed at the bottom of the door, even for short family members, it can be operated smoothly.

  This is also an extreme security measure, especially when your lock is damaged or is in the hands of thieves. Unfortunately, the sliding lock bar will require you to remember to secure it in place before leaving the house or sleeping. Most slider lock users forget to slide it into place during these critical periods.


  Sliding glass door lock


  The thieves have been looking for leaky locks to enter the house quickly and undetected. After the glass door lock is stolen, you can enter the house quickly without using the door lock collection tool.

  Although they are easy to use when entering and leaving homes, sliding glass door locks can be prone to several problems. These problems may be caused by your latch alignment or missing parts in the lock system.

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