What Is A Crescent Lock


The crescent locks(window locks) are widely used on pla […]

The crescent locks(window locks) are widely used on plastic steel aluminum alloy sliding windows. Because it is shaped like a crescent, we call it a crescent lock.
The crescent lock not only plays the role of opening and closing, but also plays a role of anti-theft to a certain extent. The appearance of the crescent lock is generally spray paint, bake paint, spray paint, electroplating, etc. Among them, most are white and aluminum. There are various styles of crescent locks. The high-quality crescent locks feel heavy when placed in the hand; the appearance is relatively smooth, without pitting; the crescent locks can generally be rotated 180 degrees (some can be rotated 360 degrees). The high-quality crescent locks can rotate more flexibly and freely. The sound and elasticity are better; turn to the back and observe that the good crescent locks are mostly spring structures. The center material is galvanized, which is not easy to rust; from the thickness of the material, it is relatively thick. Inferior crescent locks of the same size are lighter by hand, relatively small, and have a dull appearance. The opening is generally not particularly flexible. After a long time, it is easy to jam and loose, which greatly weakens the opening, closing and anti-theft performance. In addition, the crescent lock has long handles, short handles, oblique handles, etc.
Here, several important data of Crescent Lock. One is the height (the height is the distance from the base to the highest point about 5 mm from the center of the crescent), and the other is the width (the distance from the center line of the screw to the crescent). Another is the distance from the center line of the screw to the edge of the base.
A good crescent lock not only brings the safety of doors and windows, but also a small ornament on the doors and windows. We are a manufacturer of Crescent Lock hardware accessories, please consult and contact us if necessary.

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