Several Reasons For Choosing Pvc Windows To Tilt


After field testing, we found that tilt turn for pvc wi […]

After field testing, we found that tilt turn for pvc windows have good performance in terms of practicability, aesthetics and safety.
First of all, ventilation is a basic requirement. It can realize a variety of ventilation methods. The tilt function can achieve top ventilation, easily allowing hot air to quickly escape from the top of the window, because the hot air will always expand and rise, and at the same time, it also reduces the outside wind from entering the room. What is the basis for air replacement, that is, its steering function, which can generate sufficient airflow and movement to achieve maximum ventilation.
Secondly, the rotating tilt windows are very easy to clean. Because it can be rotated to any position to achieve the effect of wiping.
Then there is better sealing. A better air seal will produce a tighter seal, thus forming an airtight window. Traditionally, due to lack of air tightness and poor quality, sliding, single-hanging and double-hanging windows are more likely to leak air and water.
Finally, security is also critical. In order for the tilted steering window to work, it requires stronger internal hardware with multiple locking points. In addition, the swing-in hinge further secures the window so that it will not be forced/pulled apart from the outside. The inclined position also helps ensure safety while still allowing ventilation. Tilting inward still keeps the window open, and it is difficult for people outside to open it.

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