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  Hinges are incredibly common and used for an array of […]

  Hinges are incredibly common and used for an array of applications in a wide variety of industries.Door hinges are found on all sorts of items, including but not limited to: cabinets, doors, windows, gates, lockers, tables and more.

  Windows are made up of a variety of parts and components including frame membersThe demands on modern, efficient and at the same time economical window hardware manufacturer are changing.

  Building hardware is commonly available in brass, steel, aluminium, stainless steel, and iron.For windows we have a vast array of building hardware, cremones, bolts, and handles.It usually supports fixtures like windows, doors, and building hardware.

  Tilt and turn are unique in that they feature two modes of operation.Tilt and turn windows are more than just the latest home design trend.In the Tilt mode, the window can be opened at the top with hinges at the bottom.Tilt and turn windows open inwards for increased safety, ventilation and easier upkeep.

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