Safe Enough To Tilt And Turn Windows


  tilt and turn window is a European-style window with […]

  tilt and turn window is a European-style window with two distinct functions: swing it in like a door or tilt the top of the sash into your room for ventilation. Tilt and turn windows generally have better air-seals than sliding, single hung or double hung window frames. This means less they are less prone to water leakage, cold draughts and you’ll keep more of your heating indoors where it belongs.

  As these windows open inwards you’ll need to give some thought to where you have them installed i.e. you don’t to have things in front of them that will obstruct their opening such as taps or furniture.

  Remember that these windows are capable of opening fully giving a wide aperture which could be a safety concern in a child’s room where their use of them isn’t supervised.

  The quality of tilt and turn windows produced by OULAI is guaranteed. If you are interested in our tilt and turn windows, please contact us and we look forward to working with you.

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