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  building hardware or just builders hardware is a grou […]

  building hardware or just builders hardware is a group of metal hardware specifically used for protection, decoration, and convenience in buildings.Building hardware does not include window itself rather they are smaller components that are used to install, fix and protect windows.Building hardware products are made of varieties of materials including metals and plastics.These systems are designed to achieve, maintain, and improve overall organizational performance and capabilities.It is also sensitive of the structure of enterprise culture and not only concentrate on regulating the internal management.

  The most common materials are copper, aluminum, steel and PVC.which is apparent by our registration to this internationally recognized standard.Optimized structure designs and window hardware utility make fittings with more fluent operating experience and prolonged life time.We will work hard for achieving to internationalized, high technicalization, the international famous brand by the principle of modern management, high quality, competitive price and professional service.

  Mirror treatment, bright shiny, comfortable feel.Stainless steel material, exquisite appearance, strong carrying capacity.Real materials, visible weight, high quality guarantee.And development, production and sale door and sliding lock, window handles upvc, glass curtain wall system.We have redeveloped some new solutions, tilt-turn windows for alu-wood profiles, with sliding stay functions, with fixed turning-width solutions.

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