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  Window guard units, are pre-hinged with a latching br […]

  Window guard units, are pre-hinged with a latching bracket for swing away or stationary installations and can be used in conjunction with the optional remote release unit for designated egress windows.The window widths and are constructed of solid and tubular steel. All units include tamper resistant installation screws and window stops for enhanced safety.

  Windows are a focal point in many homes and deserve hardware that is just as impressive.Talk to our window and door parts experts if you need help finding the right window handle for your needs.Now that you know all about window handle, it’s time to find the perfect hardware to fit your home.We are good window handle manufacturer.Our hardware team can determine what your current hardware is from your pictures and get you a price on replacement units.Window hardware is a group of metal hardware used for protection, decoration, and convenience in windows.Every morning will look lovely when you look at it through your dream window!

  Sliding lock may be top of mind when choosing the right window or door for a project.These sliding lock have many versions for various mounting configurations, functions, and aesthetics.Our extensive experience in this industry means.

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