Superstar Technology acquires North American door and window hardware leading company


On March 1, Hangzhou Superstar Technology Co., Ltd. acq […]

On March 1, Hangzhou Superstar Technology Co., Ltd. acquired a 100% stake in Prime-line product, the largest hardware and equipment supplier in North America. Prime-Line Products Company is a North American leader in door and window hardware, with revenues of $76 million last year. This is another important layout of the globalization strategy of Superstar Technology following the successful acquisition of ARROW and LISTA in Europe. According to the research report of the brokerage firm, Superstar Technology can adjust the production and sales system quickly with a strong global layout, and it is expected to quickly build a new system of “Chinese Design” + “Chinese and Foreign Manufacturing” + “Global Sales”.


Prime-Line is headquartered in California, USA, and its products cover door and window hardware and consumables. The company has extensive cooperation with large retailers, cooperative hardware distributors, operational (MRO) distributors, online retailers, and professional retail and wholesale distributors. The products are sold to Home Depot (Interline), HD Supply, Amazon, etc. Strong business.


The acquisition of Superstar was unanimously recognized by the management of Prime-line. Prime-line CEO Ron Turk said that this cooperation with the superstar will bring the company to a new stage. In the future, both parties will take advantage of supply chain management, terminal market radiation and logistics to better provide customers with better Efficient and high quality one-stop hardware replacement solution. Superstar Chairman Qiu Jianping said that the addition of Prime-line will further enhance the service capabilities of Superstar North America, increase the market share of superstars in North America, accelerate the internationalization of superstars, and at the same time Prime-line's rich product types, strong distribution system and perfection. The logistics system and well-known brand effects will further enhance the international competitiveness and global influence of the superstar.

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