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  Sliding lock can be a concern, whether in homes or bu […]

  Sliding lock can be a concern, whether in homes or businesses.The sliding locks with two leaf or three leaf are designed for aluminum door system.Different surface finishes according to the customers request.While retaining competitive rates we never compromise the quality.Pin locks, window hardware, rollers, shower fittings and window hardware.

  Stainless steel material, exquisite appearance, strong carrying capacity.It’s important to use the lift rail when closing your door handle to ensure it’s shut tight and your cam lock will work properly.

  Get the steam going in the kitchen because it's stainless steel and you won't have to worry about any rust.The international famous brand by the principle of modern management.

  Door hinges are found on all sorts of items, including but not limited to: cabinets, doors, door hinge manufacturer, gates, lockers, tables and more.Another advantage of door hinges is that, unlike similar devices, they permit motion in two directions, rather than only one.

  Our product line of well over products now range from simple or complex door hinges.The cover installs easily with the included tension spring clips.We are good door hinge manufacturer.

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