Building Hardware Is A Group Of Metal Hardware Used For Protection


  Our extensive collection of window hardware options e […]

  Our extensive collection of window hardware options ensures you can find hardware that is perfectly suited for your home.These typically include cam locks, lift rails or lift handles, and crank handles.Door handle includes half-turn button and turn button latches.It’s important to use the lift rail when closing your door handle to ensure it’s shut tight and your cam lock will work properly.

  building hardware is a group of metal hardware used for protection, decoration, and convenience in windows.The right building hardware not only provides security, durability and improved functionality for your replacement windows.We have an extensive collection of antique cabinet, furniture, window and building hardware to suit every type of restoration project.

  We offer a complete line of building hardware,such as screen wire in a variety of types and colors, roll formed and extrudedscreen frame.From traditional to contemporary, our door handle comes in a variety of architectural styles and finishes to meet your aesthetic needs and design goals.

  Our aim is to help you maintain the long-term integrity of your window hinges to get the most use out of your existing windows without having to spend thousands of dollars replacing them.

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