How To Tighten The Window Handle


  When you open or close the window, do you start to no […]

  When you open or close the window, do you start to notice that the handle becomes a little loose? If so, don’t worry, you can easily solve this problem yourself.


  In this useful guide, following the step-by-step instructions below, you can tighten loose uPVC window handles in a matter of minutes.


  Your handle will have one or two screw covers. To check, pull the handle up to see if there is a screw cover under the handle, and if so, remove it (including the top cover).


  How to fix loose handles on uPVC windows


  To tighten the window handle, remove the screw cover.


  Now that you have removed the screw cover, you can continue. Tighten the exposed screws until they are firmly seated-do not tighten them too tightly, or you will damage the handle.


  Retighten the screws.


  Check to see if the handle can be easily turned.


  Tools you will need:




  Yes, you may only need a screwdriver and a window handle, but we assume that you already have one of them. If not, you can buy new window handles in our online store.


  Please note: some window designs may require resistance from people outside the window.


  Do you need a new window handle? Visit our online store to find your new controller. We are usually cheaper than most and can offer the same price even if the quality is better.


  Are uPVC window handles universal?


  Because of the built-in uPVC window handles, uPVC window handles are often called universal window handles. These are straight and will rotate to the left or right.


  Can you replace the window handles?


  Yes, you can replace the window handles. You need to measure the existing handle to get a perfect size match.


  Where can I buy window handles?


  You can buy window handles from most local DIY stores. Buy window handles online from our online store.

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