Hardware - No Longer Just A Hinge And A Lock


  The quality of window and door products is improved t […]

  The quality of window and door products is improved through hardware sealing, which makes the product easy to operate and prevents the intrusion of thieves.


  The tilt and rotation hardware accessory has the flexibility of two open positions. When the turning position is opened, the window sash will swing inward (swing type). In addition, the hinge at the bottom and the tilt arm at the top allow it to open inward at the top like a funnel window (tilt). These two actions can be activated by turning the handle. This smooth operation controls all the mechanical devices in the frame.


  There are multiple locking pins around the hardware around the window that lock the sash in the frame to provide a multi-point metal-to-metal secure lock. This means that the energy saved by double glazing or triple glazing will not be lost by the ventilated frame.


  Tilting and turning operations have great benefits. The inclined position allows sufficient fresh air to enter the room. This position also serves as a safety precaution, preventing children from climbing through the windows, and has an optional child safety lock to make it comply with the new building codes. The fully open inward swivel position makes it easy to clean the windows.


  In addition to adopting the latest energy-saving technology (which can save up to 85%), oulai windows can also reduce noise. Contact us to discuss your door and window needs.

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