Easily Update Interior Door Handles


  How to easily replace and upgrade your interior door […]

  How to easily replace and upgrade your interior door handles with beautiful new hardware?


  I have never installed or replaced a door handle before. I didn't expect it to be so difficult, I didn't expect it to be so easy!


  A simple interior door handle update


  I used to be a food and beverage waiter-you know, waiters who work in food and beverage events and events? I spent a summer between the second and third grades of college, dragging large plates of lobster dinner through the warehouse during East Coast-style activities and affairs. We spend most of the day arranging everything—tables, chairs, tablecloths, centerpieces, place settings, and everything must be so.


  The glasses are properly spaced and the napkins are aligned-nothing can fall off or misplace. There are rulers involved. I always remember my manager saying that it’s not that people will walk in and suddenly notice if things have changed, but when everything is just right, they will walk in and notice how amazing the space looks.


  So if you have been to my house, you may never notice the interior door handle. Or they are facing a huge identity crisis. There is a brass doorknob on the outside of the bathroom door and a silver doorknob inside! The door handle is an eclectic combination of silver, gold and brass. Not in a charming way. In a hasty, mismatched way. They also vary in shape and size, and some of them are very loose (ie ignored!) once they start to bother me, I can't stop paying attention to the situation.


  Choose an interior door handle


  It's time to upgrade and make major improvements to my interior door handles. I usually get distressed by the decision-ask my family-although I seriously consider choosing a new internal handle for the door of my house, it is not a difficult decision.


  I chose two lockable beds and bathtub handles for the master bedroom and bathroom, and two unlocked hall and closet handles for the girl's room.


  Choose hardware finishes to complement your home decor


  When we moved into our house, we redecorated the kitchen. We chose kitchen hardware with bright chrome-plated handles and appliances made of polished nickel. I wanted to maintain this look throughout the house, so I chose a polished nickel finish (to avoid leaving small dirty handprints on the shiny bright chrome #kids). This is also coordinated with all our fixtures and pipelines. There are a variety of finishes to choose from, including satin nickel, bright chrome, satin chrome, black matte and distressed bronze.


  In order to update all the handles seamlessly, I chose custom glass handles with Gensler trim for these doors. They have an attractive high-end appearance and can be easily matched with knobs. These glass handles are fantastic-and add character to our home. I used these for Anna's nearest bathroom closet, the door of the attic office, and the 3 inner doors on our main floor. It really makes people think that the stuff here is very fancy!


  Easy to replace door handle


  I have never installed or replaced a door handle before. It couldn't be easier. For these door handles, installation is quick and easy, I only need a screwdriver. It's very intuitive, but the quick start guide in the box also comes in handy.


  Does any door handle fit any door?


  This is my disclaimer. Not always! Our house was built in 1960 and I can only guess that the door is original. Usually, the door cover (the part of the door that controls the latch) is 2 ⅜ or 2 ¾ inches, and usually all modern door handles are suitable for standard size doors. However, in an old house with original non-standard size doors, there used to be old non-standard size knobs, you may need to use some woodworking magic that you don't know! I had to pull out the drill bit, hand saw and chisel to make the holes in some doors bigger. I would say no sweat, but a little sweat!

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