Compliment Your Door With The Right Door Handle And Hardware


  Did you know that proper door hardware can complete t […]

  Did you know that proper door hardware can complete the overall appearance of the door?


  Yes, you heard that right. Finding the right door handle is as important as finding the right entry door, and from the customer's point of view, we know how much confusion it can cause. There are many types of door handles, handle kits and hardware to choose from.


  Do everything for your door!


  These days, your outer door hardware has many styles.


  Keyed entry door handles and levers-they usually have a bolt above them. The bolt is an auxiliary locking mechanism, which is operated by turning the key and the thumb. The door handle is a circular mechanism used to open and close the door. Door handles are available in many materials, such as antique brass, copper bronze or satin nickel. Some doors replace door handles and have levers/door handles that turn up or down.


  Door handle kit-if you choose a more elegant appearance, you should choose a handle. Most handle kits do not have a lock on the handle itself, but have matching bolts. Handle kits may also have different options: single door entrance, glass door entrance and double door entrance.


  For single door entry, there are handles and bolts on the outside, and thumbs on the inside to lock or unlock the door. All-glass entrance doors sometimes contain double cylindrical latches.


  For double front doors, two handle kits are required-one for each door. Usually, one door is active and locked/unlocked, while the other door is inactive.


  The handle groups also have different styles: segmented, overall and full length.


  For a combination handle, the handle and the bolt are separated. The one-piece handle kit is more unique. One plate holds the latch and the top of the handle, while the other plate holds the bottom of the handle. The full-length handle kit includes a plate that covers the bolt and the entire handle.


  looks great!


  Don't confuse the rustic entry door with modern handles. Make sure that the earpiece matches the hinge and threshold of the door.


  Modern appearance-door tie rods can complement many modern doors.


  For a rustic appearance, please use a segmented or integral handle kit.


  For the classic option, consider using a full-length handle kit.


  Learn the difference between tube and mortise!


  Tubular locks usually have 2 holes (holes). One hole is for the bolt lock, and the other hole is for the tubular latch installed in the knob, lever or handle. All in all, you have a knob with a fixed bolt lock on it.

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