5 Window Shades Designed for Tilt and Turn Windows


  Tilting and rotating windows are the latest craze for […]

  Tilting and rotating windows are the latest craze for homeowners. Of course there are good reasons! They bring some simple benefits and make life more comfortable.


  What are tilt and rotation windows?


  Tilting and rotating windows can be operated like ordinary windows. But they also offer other options, which is to open only the top part and tilt inward at a small angle to the room.


  Tilting and rotating windows can be operated in three different modes. If the handle is facing down, the window is locked. Rotate the handle 90 degrees to partially open or tilt it inward. Rotate it 90 degrees to face up, and you can open the window like other ordinary windows.


  Why do homeowners choose to tilt and turn windows?


  Some functional advantages of tilting and rotating windows distinguish them from traditional similar products.




  Achieving the proper balance between ventilation and insulation is a difficult task. The tilt function allows air to circulate in the room while protecting the room from strong winds. This feature becomes very useful in summer. The slope of the top allows all the hot air to escape, which helps to reduce the temperature.


  Easy to maintain


  Use these windows to reduce the pressure of spring cleaning. The traditional window design is difficult to clean the exterior. However, the inward opening design makes it easier to clean the exterior of the window, and everything comes from your indoor comfort.




  Tilting and rotating windows provide enhanced safety. A powerful internal hardware system with multiple locking points makes these windows safer than traditional windows. Even in tilt mode, you can choose to lock the windows so that you can ventilate the room without worrying about safety.




  When these windows are opened inward, they make the exterior look perfect. If you have large windows, tilting and rotating windows allows you to cover the entire window with glass without any frame in between. Now you can enjoy the beautiful scenery without the hindrance of the window hardware. The tilt function is very useful for these windows because they allow ventilation without you having to open and close the heavy frame.


  These windows are available in a variety of colors, materials and glass options to provide you with more leg room for customization. You can also choose hidden hinges, which increase the finished product and clean appearance.


  How to install blinds on tilting and rotating windows?


  When these shutters are opened inward, installing the shutters on them requires some serious thinking. You can resolutely rule out installing blinds in the groove, because they will get in your way. You must install the blinds outside the groove, preferably on the top rail. This will leave enough room for the windows to tilt back.


  In order for your window to fully open, you need to place the top rail high enough so that it will not block the window when the shutter is closed. There are not many blinds that can work under this arrangement.


  If you want to highlight the frame and enjoy easy operation, choose blinds that fit perfectly. These shutters are not installed on the window opening, but on the window frame itself, so that the window can be easily operated when it moves with the window.


  5 shades are perfect for tilting and turning windows!


  Honeycomb cell tone


  The honeycomb structure of the curtain consists of hollow bags, which trap air in it and provide enhanced insulation. Due to the perfectly fitting design, there is almost no gap between the frame and the lampshade. This feature ensures that little air escapes from your windows, making the room warm in winter and cool in summer.


  These honeycomb shades allow plenty of light to enter, keeping your room bright and warm. The light weight of the shutters also makes it easy to operate the windows.


  Roller blind


  If you use traditional roller blinds, you must install the top rails on top of the grooves so that they will not be blocked when the windows are tilted back or fully opened. Roller blinds can also be installed in window frames, using customized mini head rails, equipped with click and tape systems. With these systems, you don't have to close the curtains every time you want to open the window.


  In terms of design choices and functional advantages, roller blinds will provide you with greater flexibility. You can choose sun blinds to protect the field of vision and cut off glare. Or, you can choose shade fabrics for the ultimate shading effect.


  Day and night tones


  If you want the dual benefits of light control and privacy, please choose day and night colors. These shades have the dual advantages of sun visors and Venetian slatted structure. The first layer will provide you with a lot of natural light, while the second layer with a slat-like structure will allow you to flexibly block the internal view by lowering the slats in different positions.




  Folded curtains will make your windows neat and tidy. The fold design will add agile lines to the general geometric lines of the window, highlighting its modernity and agility.


  This highly decorative solution has exciting functional advantages. The pleated hood blocks the glare and fills the room with natural light. Even in cold weather, these shutters can provide excellent insulation, while you can enjoy a comfortable bath in a sunny room.




  If you want to preserve the landscape and still have some thermal insulation, choose sun visors. With these tones, it is difficult to imagine what lies between you and the natural world outside. In addition to blocking glare and harmful UV rays, these tones also help with insulation, so you don't have to compromise on the landscape to save energy.

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