4 Door Hinge Installation Problems And Their Quick Fixes


  Doors failing to close properly, hinge screws loose, […]

  Doors failing to close properly, hinge screws loose, window hinges creaking-these are just some of the many door installation problems caused by hinges. But you can actually solve these problems yourself and make that door run smoothly.


  The following are 4 common door hinge installation problems and their quick fixes:


  1. The door is not tightly closed. When this happens, your door hinges may not be aligned. You can solve this problem by ensuring that the door frames are on the same plane.


  2. Uneven door. One of the causes of uneven doors is that the door hinges are not vertical. If this is the case, use a spirit level and make sure the door hinges are vertical.


  3. The hinge screws are loose. When you feel that the hinge screw is loose, you should check the hole it connects to, it may be too big. To solve this problem, you can use a longer screw and extend it into the solid wood behind the hole. Or, you can stick a small piece of toothpick or similar material in the hole so that the screw fits better.


  4. The hinge creaks. Hinge squeaking can be solved by lubricating the hinge with oil. You can do this by inserting a nail under the hinge pin, pushing it up, and then putting a drop of oil on the hinge pin.

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