11 Common Window Measurement Mistakes


  We will share some common mistakes that apply to most […]

  We will share some common mistakes that apply to most styles.


  1. Assuming similar Windows have the same size


  Let's set the record as a straight line, there is no such thing as a "standard size" window. Just because all the windows in your room look the same size, it doesn’t mean you can measure one size for the entire order.


  How to measure blinds


  The windows may not change much due to the frame or your house over time. That being said, always measure each window separately for your order.


  2. Measure the size of the blinds you want, not the size of the window


  Some people may think that their blinds need to be smaller to fit the window, so that the measured size is slightly smaller. This is the biggest mistake our designers have learned from frustrated customers, and will result in inappropriate blinds.


  Tape measure is used to find the size of the window


  You are correct to think that your shutters must be a little smaller than the windows. However, all our blinds and shadows require slightly different deductions for height and width to get a perfect fit. To make things simple for our customers, we have done all these calculations for you in the factory. Just give us the exact size of the window, and we will make a blind that fits perfectly.


  3. Measure old blinds instead of open windows


  Some people think that if they measure the old shutters on the windows, they will get exactly the same size. However, these measurements are based on the opening of the window, and if you do this, it will become too narrow. Also, don't think you can reuse the old brackets, and don't just measure the distance between the brackets. Always measure the window opening from side to side.


  4. Do not measure in 3 places


  One of the most important steps is to measure the height and width in three positions (top, middle, and bottom). Even if you have different window sizes at the top or bottom of the opening, this will ensure that the blinds will fit. As we said, no two windows are exactly the same size, and it is rare to find a completely square window.


  If your windows are high and the top is not reachable, it is still important to climb out of the ladder and take measurements at the top. You may not want to skip this step without proper blinds.




  For "roller blinds", "sun blinds", "transparent blinds" or "vertical blinds", please measure from the top of the window.


  For all other styles, use the narrowest width measurement for top, middle, and bottom.




  For "roller blinds", "sun blinds", "transparent blinds" or "vertical blinds", please select the shortest height.


  For all other styles, use the longest height.


  5. Do not use steel tape measure


  When measuring the window, because we adjust the size of the curtain to 1/8 inch, it is very important to make a super accurate measurement. Rulers, rulers, cloth tapes are used for sewing or just eyeballs will not do it!


  What is used to measure windows


  The only way to get the correct measurement is to use a steel tape measure. Also, be careful of free gifts that might lie in your pocket. These may not be as accurate as what you can find in a home improvement center. If you don't have one, measure a full-size tape measure for about $10, and then rest assured that you will make an accurate measurement.


  6.Bending the tape measure


  You might think that the only way to measure the inside of an opening (such as a window) is to bend the tape measure and try to guess the tick mark in the middle of the curve. Even if you have watched TV woodworking, it is a big no-no if you want precise measurements.


  Instead, we have a secret to share with you. Look at a small part on the back of the tape measure. This gives you the exact dimensions of the tape measure housing.


  If your tape measure does not have such a number, it may be of low quality and poor accuracy. It might be worthwhile to pick a famous brand from the store. Trust us, it will come in handy in many future projects.


  The method of measuring the inner window correctly without bending the tape measure


  This is how you use this small number of numbers to get accurate internal measurements. Leave the metal end of the measuring tape for one second and the other end of the window frame extends until the casing rests on the other side. Note the size on the tape, and then add the number on the back of the case.


  7. The tape measure is not read correctly


  If you are not an experienced woodworker, then you may have not read the tick marks on the tape measure or ruler carefully after graduating from elementary school. It doesn't matter, we provide you with a refresher course.


  When you read the tape measure, just count the pound sign after the last big number and use the chart below to find the correct number of decimal places.


  How to read the tape measure guide


  When measuring (also be sure to follow #6), if it is No. 16, round to the nearest 1/8". For example, if measuring 7/16", round to 3/8".


  8. No depth measurement


  For internal installations, width and height are not the only measurements that are important for windows. Depth is critical to determine whether the blinds will protrude from the window or can be fully installed.


  How to measure the window depth of blinds


  Measure the depth of the window from the glass to the edge of the window. Then check the "Product Specifications" section on the product page to find the smallest internal installation depth dimension. This is the minimum depth required to install the product.


  When measuring, please also check whether there are any obstacles in the window opening, such as a safety sensor or a crank. Measure your depth from the edge of the obstacle forward and compare it with the smallest internal installation depth dimension.


  9. Do not increase the width of externally installed blinds


  Measuring externally installed blinds is a different process. In this case, you will not measure the size of the window opening, but the exact size of the product.


  How to measure outdoor blinds


  Since you are installing the shutters outside the window on the upper wall, they need to be slightly wider and higher than the opening. We recommend at least 2 inches wider than the openings on both sides, so that a total of 4 inches. For the height, please start from the position about 3 inches above the window trim strip (allowing to install the bracket), and then measure from this point down to the window sill.


  If you don't add these extra inches, your curtains may have gaps on the side where the light passes through, or they may not reach the window sill completely.


  10. Mixed width and height


  You won’t believe that people often get blinds of the wrong size because of the mix of size and height.


  11. Do not check your measurement twice


  Before placing an order, it is best to check the measurement results again. As they said in the construction industry: "Measure twice and cut once.


  You are ready to take a measurement!


  With all of this in mind, you should be able to accurately measure the blinds and get a perfect fit.

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